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With its constant wind and shallow beach, Alacati is as ideal for kite surfing as it is for windsurfing. The windsurfing zone is limited to the western part of the bay, while the eastern part of the bay is open for kitesurfers. Kitesurfing anywhere other than those places reserved for kitesurfing is illegal, so do not think of starting your day on the western side and crossing the bay with your kite.

All surf schools (wind surf AND kitesurf) are located on the western side and there is a small kitesurfing "station" (that does not offer much, if any) on the eastern part. The kitesurfing area is 8 kilometers from the windsurfing schools, although driving takes about 30 minutes (due to the unpaved road) and is to be avoided at all costs if you are driving your own car. Most kite schools will take you to the other side if you arrive early.

The kite schools in Alacati that offer lessons and/or rentals are: