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Alacati Beach Resort Hotel is more of a resort than an hotel. Right next to Suzer Sun Dreams Hotel, Alacati Beach Resort is situated on the best beach of the entire Cesme Area. Babylon Alacati, Otto Restaurant Alacati, Alacati Windsurf School, Surf & Action Surf School, Solo Sailing Club, Givid Kitesurfing School, Alacati 11 Beach Bar and Restaurant are located within the resort.

Recently built hotel rooms offer a unique, relaxing and fun experience; whether you come to Alacati for a surfing vacation, business trip or for a family getaway. Hints of old Ottoman and Aegean architecture of the resort differ it from any other hotel in the area.

On the beach, there is also a watersports station where you can rent jet-skis, go wakeboarding/water skiing, and try out many other activities.

Despite its vast surface area, Alacati Beach Resort has only 2 King Suites, 8 Suites and 32 deluxe rooms. Alacati Beach Resort is open from mid-spring to early fall and booking well in advance is required for summer.

Other amenities include beach volley area, a tennis court, grass soccer field, parking lot and free access to concerts at Babylon Alacati.

Their web site can be accessed at

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Shaka was designed with the surfers in mind and has been operated by surfers for years. It is conveniently located within walking distance to the surf schools.

Away from all the luxuries that you might find in some other hotels, Shaka does not have a swimming pool, a spa, great beach, nor a rich buffet breakfast but the rooms overlooking the Alacati Bay offer a great view that would inspire even any person to go out surfing. And Shaka also has a bar that frequently hosts parties for surfers.

Shaka has limited capacity so if you want to secure a room in the season, book early.

Visit their web site at or contact them at +90 232 716 0506.

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Solto Alacati, located 3 kilometers away from the surf schools, has recently opened for the 2009 season and is the newest hotel to be built in the area. The 3 kilometers to the surf schools is just too long to walk and too short to drive.

Visit or contact them at +90 232 716 0661 for more information and reservation.

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Suzer Sun Dreams Hotel & Spa is one of the two 5-star rated hotels within walking distance to the surf schools in Alacati. With 184 rooms and 380 beds, it is the biggest hotel in the whole Alacati area.

Suzer Sun Dreams Hotel and Spa is located on the best beach not only of Alacati but of the whole Cesme peninsula. With its fine, white sand and clear, ice-cold sea; it offers one of the best options during your surf vacation. Whether you are in Alacati for surfing or for a family holiday, Suzer's proximity to all the major attractions and conveniences makes it a good choice for lodging.

Suzer Sun Dreams Hotel is very conveniently located 3 kilometers away from Alacati, 15 kilometers away from Cesme and 90 kilometers away from Izmir International Airport. From right in front of your hotel, you can either take a cab to wherever you want o go, or take a "dolmus" to Alacati or Cesme. The surf schools are within a short walking distance away, so are Babylon Alacati, Otto Alacati.

For those that do not dare to swim in the chilly waters of Alacati, Suzer Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor thermal pool.

On the beach, there is also a watersports station where you can rent jet-skis, go wakeboarding/water skiing, and try out many other activities.

Visit their website at or call them at +90 232 716 9777.

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Lodging in Cesme

If you don't want to stay in Alacati for whatever reason (due to cost, lack of lodging options, no room available etc), you might want to consider staying in Cesme. Cesme, a town about 12 kilometers (9 miles) away from Alacati, offers wider lodging options for surfers. In addition to 3-5 star hotels, there are many pensions and bed-breakfast options, not very different than European hostels. For transportation from Cesme to the surfing area in Alacati, you can take a cheap "dolmus" but keep in mind that it takes more than 45 minutes each way.

"Union of Cesme Touristic Hoteliers" has a web site (in Turkish and German only for now), listing some of the many hotels in Cesme, Dalyan and Ilıca. The web site also offers a contact form where you can enter details for your stay and the hotels will quote their prices for you.

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