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Active Windsurf Center is located at the "sweet spot" of all surf schools in Alacati. It has the widest seaside of all schools and the greatest surface area, including a wooden deck for fixing your gear before going out to sea.

Active staff, with years of experience in the windsurf scene, is very user friendly and all the windsurfing instructors are VDWS certified (or so they advetise on their web site).

Active Windsurf Center is very surfer friendly. It has its own 50-meter long seaside for launching and for short-term parking of your windsurf. For all your non-surfer buddies and girlfriends/boyfriends, they have sun chairs, big cushions and the like where they can hang out and enjoy the sun while you enjoy the wind and the waves. It is also very close to a Café where you can enjoy a midday snack or cool down after a tiring session.

Also on board the premises are their exclusive cabins, free parking lot, WCs, showers, etc. They advertise having 120 sails and 80 surf boards.

Active offers various services, including rentals, surf lessons for all levels, repairs, short and long term storage, advanced workshops to name a few.

They also host various events, including the House Cup Windsurf World Championship, Jim Beam IFCA Slalom World Championship, PWS Slalom 42 Cup

visit for their official website or call them at +90 232 716 6383

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Korkut Avci
Turkey / Istanbul
We are planning to take a week course in Alacati , second week of August starting 8th with my wife .. Do we have a chance for his time frame ? Awaiting your kind reply .. i remain . Best
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For many years, ASPC (Alacati Surf Paradise Club) has been a surf-school of choice for many foreigners thanks to its location, wide selection of available surf gear and its friendly and multi-lingual staff.

What has been so good for surfers now has become even better in 2009 when ASPC moved about 20 meters inland, expanded its service area and opened a completely new surf school. Now ASPC not only has the widest selection of boards and sails in Alacati, but also the biggest surf complex.

With a big parking lot, a surf shop, cafes and sun chairs on premises; ASPC offers a day-long experience not only for surfers but also non-surfers who can spend all day there enjoying the cool Alacati breeze, either at the cafe or on the sun chairs by the beach

visit for their official website.

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Founded and run by Bora Kozanoglu (former Turkish windsurfing champion), Alacati Windsurf School is located at the southernmost point of the Alacati Bay, next to Alacati Babylon and within Alacati Beach Resort. Alacati Windsurf School is the closest surf school if you are staying at Suzer Sun Dreams Hotel or at Alacati Beach Resort. This is not a big concern though as other surf schools are within a 50 meter walk.

Alacati Windsurf School's launch area is narrower and deeper than other schools and it is located at the south entrance of Alacati Bay. Considering that wind almost always blows from the north and the fact that open sea starts just a little south of this school might worry you if have trouble going upwind or if safety is a big concern for you.

Safety concerns aside, Alacati Windsurf School offers surf lessons, rentals, and storage if you have your own gear.

Their non-existent website can be found at

NOTE: Their website has some malicious scripts on their servers and you might be infected with malware"spyware if you visit their website. So, I have removed the link to their web site but have listed it here for reference.

UPDATE: A very nice person named "Kenan US" (I guess he is the manager of Alacasti Windsurf School or something), thinks their school is super safe and that I write "junk" about their school. He goes on further to threaten to sue me unless I remove the info. Well, only if he had asked nicely... Anyway, never mind me and see for yourself how safe their school is.

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Run by the worldwide chain, Mistral Surf School at Alacati offers surf lessons and rentals in multiple languages, mainly in German and English. Mistral Surf School has a very small surf school and is frequented by foreigners in trailers and RVs. If you bring along your tent and want to stay on the beach, this might be a good choice but other than that, other schools operated by locals offer much more than what Mistral does.

Mistral usually works with tour operators and might offer great deals if your surfing tour includes rentals here.

Their small school area has cabins and a desk for rentals.

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Recently opened in 2008, Myga Surf City is the northernmost school, right next to the beginners area. Myga has the largest grass area of all surf schools and the amenities include a large parking lot, a surf hospital that offers first aid (for your gear, not for you), a big surf shop, a kite surf school, a small restaurant/café and lots of storage area.

Due to its northernmost location, Myga Surf City is perfectly suited for beginners as well as advanced surfers. You do not have to carry your board/sail to the beginners area (it is right there by the beach), and seting up your gear on the grass is much more fun than doing it on the beach.

Myga Surf City hosted PWA World Cup series in August 2009 and despite being the newest surf school, it has quickly become the top choice for many surfers.

Myga has everything you might need during the day. And for non-surfers or for when you want to take a break and get some rest, it has sunbeds and big pillows by the beach. For surfers, Myga Surf City offers rentals, surf lessons, and storage facilities.

Myga has over 160 boards and 250 sails available as rentals.

Visit their website at

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Orsa Surf School is among the oldest surf schools in Alacati and is the only surf school located on the "other" bank of Alacati Bay. Being the only surf school on the east bank means you don't have to tack, gybe or change your direction to avoid crashing into other surfers.

Orsa might be a good choice for you only if you like to have ample space around you when surfing, and if you can endure the trip.

When driving from Alacati to Alacati Bay, there is a small exit to the left and a big billboard showing you how to get to Orsa Alacati. The exit is very easy to miss so look out when driving. Due to hars driving conditions, the best way to get to Orsa is by a rental car. It is even better if your rental is an SUV or a high truck as there are big rocks on the unpaved road and it is very easy to hit the bottom of your car when driving.

Many kids take their first surf lessons and learn how to surf here at Orsa. As such, Orsa operates more like a sailing club than a surf school. Due to its location the north-easternmost lcoation, it is not very well suited for the advanced riders as wind might get a little choppy during the day.

Orsa offers group lessons and rentals and also has a restaurant that offers light snacks.

Their non-working web site is located at

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Once located (in 2004) where Active Surf School is now, Surf & Action has moved to its location next to Alacati Windsurf School. Once populated by many surfers, Surf & Action's bad choice of location has moved it away from the other surf schools.

Surf & Action is sharing the same launch area with Alacati Windsurf School, which is narrower and deeper than other schools and it is located at the south entrance of Alacati Bay. Considering that wind almost always blows from the north and the fact that open sea starts just a little south of this school might worry you if have trouble going upwind or if safety is a big concern for you.

Seems like Surf & Action is the only windsurf school that does not have a web site, so no links to them.

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